What We Do

For athletic success you need more than just ability. You need speed, power, strength, agility and more. G-F helps enhance each attribute needed.

Our Services

Group Training

Train and practice with other elite athletes from California for maximum gains.

Personal Training

We can support you with specialized personal training services to get you ready for any athletic event.

Fitness Classes

We know everyone isn't an athlete. That's why we offer fitness classes for everyone not just athletes.

Nutrition Services

We offer a comprehensive array of value-added products designed to assist in training progress.

Space Rental

If you need to training your team. This is the place. Call us for rental rates today.


If you need athletic training results. This is the place.

Lemuel Adams

Founder | Head Trainer

Marcus Gallon


We take the time to meticulously examine our members core athletic needs and goals. We have the expert staff to acheive those training goals.


  • All
  • Team G-F
  • College
  • Pros




  • 1 Group Class Per Week
  • Any Class
  • Weightroom and
    gym access
  • * Rates above are monthly rates



  • 2 Group Classes Per Week
  • Any class
  • Weightroom and
    gym access
  • * Rates above are monthly rates

Full service


  • Personal Training
  • Dedicated Training Staff
  • Nutritionist, Approved Supplements, Massage Therapy, Hotel and more.
  • Call us for rates: 916.550.0658


We’ve had the pleasure to partner with some remarkable companies.

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Ph: 916.550.0658
209 Commerce Cir. Suite 400, Sacramento CA

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